For A Beautiful Spring, Take Advantage Of These Winter Landscaping Services

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If you’ve ever looked at your neighbor’s beautiful landscaping and wondered just how they pull it off, today we’re revealing the secret for you: winter landscaping services.

winter landscaping services

Their impressive trees and beautiful blooming garden may seem like the stuff of magic, but the truth is much simpler. They take advantage of the winter season to get their exteriors ready for the spring and summer.

Now, the winter period may seem like a quieter time for winter landscaping services, but the opposite is true. It’s filled with essential services that help ensure the health of our home’s plants and trees.

To help you make the most of this season and get your home ready for the year ahead, we’re sharing six essential services that you can request today.

Six Essential Winter Landscaping Services

  1. Tree Services

While your trees are dormant for the winter is the perfect time to get them in great shape for 2023. Plus, with the lack of leaves and flowers, it’s much easier to take on the work of shaping and managing trees. 

At Beautiful Country Tree Services, we offer a number of residential and commercial services to have your trees looking prim and proper. 

Our winter landscaping tree services include:

  • Hauling
  • Mulching
  • Trimming
  • Pruning

Trees are a significant part of the landscape for your home and business, which is why we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service. 

  1. Land Clearing

Another landscaping service that is more efficient during the winter is land clearing. As an important process for preparing land for development, land clearing is easier when the weather is cool and dry.

Often, this is done before building a new housing development, creating farmland, or otherwise clearing space for making something new.

With experience clearing land, we help to make sure plants, trees, shrubs, and their roots are removed so you have a blank slate for your next project.

  1. Stump Grinding and Removal

If you’re planning on removing a tree this winter, you should also strongly consider grinding the stump. 

Though some homeowners are tempted to just leave the stump, this can lead to a few complications. For one, it might lead to new growth, leaving  you in the position of needing to call for further landscaping services.

What’s more, leaving the soft wood materials of the stump can lead to rotten wood that attracts pests.

The best option for keeping your yard healthy and your property looking great is to grind the stump and remove it. 

  1. Storm & Emergency Services

In Maryland, it wouldn’t be winter without enduring our fair share of storms. After the storm has passed, the work begins.

That can include cleaning up the debris that’s fallen from trees to even removing whole trees that have been knocked over.

With Beautiful Country Tree Services’ storm and services, our crew comes promptly to help clear up the mess and get your home safe again. 

We are experienced in handling both minor and major storm damage. If you’re dealing with the impacts of a storm, don’t hesitate to call us today.

  1. Crane Services

Once the leaves have fallen and all that’s left is the tree, you can be reminded of just how close a tall tree is to your property.

Rather than wait for a storm to knock it down and potentially damage your home, our crane services are a great solution for safely removing trees that are in a compromised position.

With our specialized equipment, we are able to reach tall trees and fell them safely and efficiently. 

From removing hazardous trees to clearing space for new constructions, you can rely on our winter landscaping services to help.

  1. Tree Health Assessments

Another perk of the winter season is that it’s also a great time to see just how healthy your trees are. Should you find out your trees are under the weather, it’s also possible to begin the necessary treatments so that they’re healthy and well for 2023.

Our experienced team is ready and available to help you with your winter tree health assessments.

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Make the most of the winter season and schedule your services today. At Beautiful Country Tree Services, we’ve been helping homeowners in Maryland keep their landscapes healthy and beautiful since 1995. 

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