7 Fall Tips for Winter Tree Protection

winter tree protection

As more and more trees drop their leaves, we can see the signs of fall turning to winter everywhere we go. As Maryland’s trees prepare to go dormant, now is the time for winter tree protection. Going dormant is a natural way for trees to get ready for winter’s freezing temps, drier weather, and lack […]

When To Call A Professional Storm Damage Clean Up Team

storm damage

We wait all year for the chance to have a winter wonderland of snow, these storms aren’t all fun and festivities, and Beautiful Country’s storm damage clean up team is here to take care of the mess. From strong winds to heavy snowfalls, winter storms can end up knocking down even the heartiest, strongest trees. […]

How To Know When To Remove Tree Stumps

tree stump on lawn

Have you just gone through the process of having a tree removed? Then you’re likely looking out at the stump that’s still there. If that’s the case, you’re facing a few options.  Should you leave it in your yard? Should you have the stump removed with the tree in one fell swoop? Or should you […]

Keep Trees Healthy During Fall With Our Tree Care Checklist

Trees in front of house during fall season

One of the most beautiful signs of fall’s arrival is the leaves changing colors and falling off. More than just the sign of pumpkin spice and peppermint sweets, these falling leaves are also a sign that it’s time to make sure trees are ready for winter. Now is an ideal time to make sure your […]

How To Treat Black Fungus On Trees

Closeup of a fungus growth on a tree branch

Black knot fungus – also known as black knot or black fungus – is one of the most common fungal diseases for cherry and plum trees. If you’re searching for how to treat black fungus for trees, it’s important first to know what you’re dealing with. Fortunately, identifying and diagnosing black fungus disease is relatively […]

5 Common Tree Diseases in Maryland

A mass of fungus growth on a tree in full leaf.

There’s nothing quite like trees for helping our properties look their best. From a tree’s sturdy presence to the annual blooming of its flowers, they add a natural appeal to both residential and commercial properties. Like any living thing, however, trees in our area are susceptible to illness. These common MD tree diseases can distract […]