How To Care For Mature Trees And Prolong Their Lifespan

Care For Mature Trees

As homeowners, we often focus on planting new trees and nurturing them to maturity. We talk about the arrival of spring, the new growth of buds on trees, and the excitement of watching our young trees take root. However, mature trees can be just as worthwhile of an investment. From having full-size trees brought in […]

How To Choose The Right Tree Service Company For Your Property

tree service company

Choosing the right tree service company for your property can be one of the tougher decisions homeowners have to make. For one, there’s a lot at stake: your landscaping is a big investment. It’s also one of the first things you’ll see when you come home everyday. Finding the Maryland tree service company that’s going […]

How To Identify And Treat Common Tree Diseases And Pests In Maryland 

Common Tree Diseases

After all the time and energy you’ve put into your home’s landscaping, it can be disheartening to see it succumbing to common tree diseases and tree pests. When left untreated, some of these common tree diseases – which can be identified with signs like wilting leaves, brown spots, and dead bark – can actually end […]

The Differences Between DIY Tree Services And Professional Tree Services

professional tree services

As a homeowner, deciding between professional tree services and taking care of your own yard can be tricky. On one hand, you may feel plenty confident lining up your hedges on a Saturday morning. On the other, knocking down a whole tree is clearly the realm of the pros. For all of those tree pruning […]

5 Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

landscaping mistakes to avoid

When it comes to winter landscaping mistakes to avoid, many homeowners don’t have a plan. Once they’ve raked up all those fallen leaves, they prefer to just let nature be nature and leave the landscaping until the spring. However, winter landscaping is a vital part of ensuring your landscape’s health throughout the year. Neglecting it […]

7 Fall Tips for Winter Tree Protection

Winter Tree Protection

As more and more trees drop their leaves, we can see the signs of fall turning to winter everywhere we go. As Maryland’s trees prepare to go dormant, now is the time for winter tree protection. Going dormant is a natural way for trees to get ready for winter’s freezing temps, drier weather, and lack […]

How To Know When its Time for Tree Stump Removal

tree stump removal

Have you just gone through the process of tree stump removal? If that’s the case, you’re facing a few options.  Should you leave it in your yard? Should you remove tree stumps with the tree in one fell swoop? Or should you grind the stump instead? Knowing the effects of each of these choices can […]

Keep Trees Healthy During Fall With Our Tree Care Checklist

tree care

One of the most beautiful signs of fall’s arrival is the leaves changing colors and falling off. But tree care is still important. More than just the sign of pumpkin spice and peppermint sweets, these falling leaves are also a sign that it’s time to make sure trees are ready for winter. Now is an […]

How To Treat Black Fungus On Trees

black Fungus On Trees

Black fungus on trees – also known as black knot or black fungus – is one of the most common fungal diseases for cherry and plum trees. If you’re searching for how to treat black fungus for trees, it’s important first to know what you’re dealing with. Fortunately, identifying and diagnosing black fungus disease is […]

5 Common Tree Diseases in Maryland

Tree Diseases

Are these common tree diseases impacting your home’s landscape? There’s nothing quite like trees for helping our properties look their best. From a tree’s sturdy presence to the annual blooming of its flowers, they add a natural appeal to both residential and commercial properties. Like any living thing, however, trees in our area are susceptible […]